Monday, November 01, 2004

The American Perspective show 2...Robin Meade Inte (1 hour ago)

THE AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE: : Our new online radio program

Show 2 line up:
A block: Intro –

B block: Music – Republica

C block: News –

D block: Election information –

E block: Robin Meade Intro

E2. PSA - Seat Belts
E3. Robin Meade Interview

F block: Music – Christina Aguilera

G block: PSA – Date Rape

H block: Music – Fleming and John

II. Leandra Preston UCF Interview

JJ. College Press contributor – Penny Groh

KK. Closing Music – Bone Thug

High Speed Internet is recommended for the below radio stream(s):

TCP RADIO:Our first radio show created on The College On these broadcasts, our host Daren Copely hosts on an all interview format. Interviewing big names from Hollywood to New York City, Daren gets the story for our listeners. (show #5 is now up!)

Host Daren Copely

Currently a Senior at UCF in Orlando, Fl, Copely is the Founder of The College At the age of 24 Copely has already built a national news website for journalism students, hosted his own global radio program and interviewed many major names in the national media such as ABC's John Stossel, David Limbaugh and World Net Daily's Joe Farah to name a few. Daren has recently moved to New York where he landed a position with Fox News National's Bill O'reilly.

The College Press-


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