Saturday, November 13, 2004

Calder.Net is Looking for Writersand Cartoonists
Bruce H.G. Calder

CALDER.NET is being reborn as "The Calder Gazette" - a center for wide-ranging opinion, debate and miscellany. To this end, Calder.Net is looking for several writers to provide inciteful, well written articles, as well as a few amateur cartoonists to provide some topical smiles. The intention is to provide writers and cartoonists a platform to regularly display their work. Maybe you want to be a writer. Maybe you just have something to say.

It is not known at this time how many writers are required, but the plan is to publish at least one new article per day. If each columnist provides one article a week, then at least 7 writers will be needed. If each columnist provides one article a month, then at least 30 will be required.

From politics to child-rearing, articles can cover just about any topic as Calder.Net is looking for wide range of viewpoints. Once accepted as a CALDER.NET columnist, The Calder Gazette intends to publish virtually anything written if it is thoughtful, and well written. The author's biography, along with a link to his or website (if any) and a photo will appear on CALDER.NET. Contributors will be expected to provide at least one original piece of work per month, and will retain full rights.

If you want a world-wide platform for your thoughts, you can send a sample article and/or cartoon to the e-mail address shown below. If you have any specific qualifications or experience which would make your writings more authoritative, then please let me know. CALDER.NET will be unable to pay you for your work, so for now you will be doing this only for your own satisfaction and exposure.

There are a lot of people out there around the world with something to say, and CALDER.NET will be a respected place for them to say it.

In addition to the new focus on original opinion pieces, CALDER.NET intends to maintain the type of content it has traditionally been known for, namely humor, history and trivia.


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