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Most haunted city

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." -- (Miriam Beard 1901- )

St. Augustine, Florida is most certainly a city worth seeing. Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European origin in what is now the United States. Almost 5 decades before the English colonized Jamestown, the Spanish established this Nations' first enduring settlement.

With more than four centuries of colorful local history to draw from, St. Augustine has more than 60 unique, themed attractions that have the uncanny ability to bring history and romance to life.

The combination of historic sites mixed with roaming performers telling stories of the past make the attractions of St. Augustine one of the most popular vacation sites in America.

Featuring more than 20 bed and breakfast's scattered throughout the Old City, visitors are sure to find a unique lodging experience such as the Nation's oldest, continuously run Bed and Breakfast, The St. Francis Inn, in operation since 1791 and is rich in old world charm and modern comforts.

"We stayed here because we wanted our marriage and honeymoon to follow the same traditional values our parents did. After all they have been married for 42 years, so what better way than have our honeymoon in the oldest city in America. It is like a time warp here," said Luis and Andrea Guzman of Orlando Florida.

"Some of the Inn's amenities include a swimming pool, hot coffee and tea served all day as well as a breakfast and complimentary bicycles for touring the historic downtown Saint Augustine.
We also offer a beach house for guests to use," said Joe Finnegan, the owner.

Guests of the Inn also receive free admission to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum and 50% off admission to the "Oldest House," one of St. Augustine's finest treasures of Florida's history. With 219 steps leading up the 165 foot-tower, the candy-striped St. Augustine Lighthouse provides visitors a panoramic view of St. Augustine and the beaches.

The Lighthouse Museum displays maritime artifacts and provides visitors with a look at what life was like for lighthouse keepers and their families in the early 1800's. "We enjoyed the lighthouse so much when we were here last year that we are going to see it again," said Chuck and Linda Hughes of Ocala, Florida.

Another superb Bed and Breakfast is the Casa de Solana. It is set among tropical gardens, a waterfall, and a walled courtyard for privacy -- an oasis of Heaven on Earth. The Casa de Solana is the sister Inn to the St. Francis; thus, they provide the same amenities. Guests can enjoy sitting on the second floor balconies and garden patios, while listening to the "clip-clop" of horse drawn carriages passing on the narrow brick-paved streets just as they have done for centuries. "This is the most wonderful place to work, It is like a dream come true," said Betsy Speer, Innkeeper.

Another favorite Inn of visitors to the city is the Casa de la Paz, which is set facing the beautiful bay front along the Matanzas Bay.

Once there you are able to view the sailing ships in the bay or relax in a tropical garden courtyard with the sounds of waterfalls while soaking in the relaxing ocean breeze. You can also watch the romantic horse and carriages stroll along the bay front.

Visitors can wake up in a beautiful "House of Peace" to a stunning view of the sunrise over the sparkling Matanzas Bay. While in this elegant, 1915 Mediterranean Bed and Breakfast, everyone will enjoy a unique 1900's style and decor. "Some rooms have Jacuzzi and decorative fireplaces. Guests can also choose a room with a panoramic view of the Bay, the historic Bridge of Lions and the lighthouse," said Sharon Hite, Innkeeper. "Once here you will receive luxurious accommodations and gracious, personal attention, everyone here is a God send" said Sherri Crews, owner.

All of the city's Bed and Breakfast's are within easy walking distance of the many local attractions. Travelers can step back in time by strolling amidst the authentic coquina walls and hand-hewn cedar beams of shops, restaurants, art galleries, museums, and famous attractions of the Nation's oldest city and just an easy 5-minute drive visitors will find the beautiful St. Augustine beaches.

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A favorite of tourists is the old Spanish fort, the Castillo de San Marcos, built in 1672. The fort stood firm against pirate raids and English attacks and helped Spain hold Florida for many years. During the American Revolution, the fort served as a British stronghold, and later became a battery in America's coastal defense system. For a small fee, visitors can tour the fort's interior and see how the soldiers lived and fought.

The Ponce de Leon Hotel was a lavish, 18th-century Spanish Renaissance structure was completed in 1888 by millionaire developer Henry Flagler, and is now the home of Flagler College. The centerpiece of the school's 19-acre campus is the grand Ponce de León Hall, a luxurious structure that was built in 1968 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.
"With an average class size of 21, Flagler College provides an exceptional opportunity for a private education at extremely affordable costs," said Brian Thompson, Director of Public Relations.

The college offers 20 majors, 26 minors, and 2 pre-professional programs in selected studies emphasizing liberal arts, educations, and business.

A great way to end one of Florida's finest vacations is to stop at the Whetstone Chocolate Factory, but chocoholics beware, this magnificent factory tour can be hazardous to your waistline.

As you enter the Whetstone Chocolate Factory, the first thing you will notice is the warm, wonderful, thick aroma of chocolate. You will enjoy browsing the gift shop and sampling the chocolates.

"This family business began with Henry and Esther Whetstone in 1967," said Jan Hennessey, Tour Coordinator.

During the tour, you can watch the production of Whetstone's flavored chocolate oranges and view the fifteen-minute video about the history and founding of Whetstone Chocolates. "It is a great place to work, there is harmony in candy land," said Ray Payne, the Store Manager.


There are wide varieties of restaurants that are available in St. Augustine from Cuban style at The Columbia House Restaurant, to Mediterranean at the La Pentola Restaurant all the way to A1A Ale Works Brewery where you can get homemade root beer.

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The American Perspective show 2...Robin Meade Inte (1 hour ago)

THE AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE: : Our new online radio program

Show 2 line up:
A block: Intro –

B block: Music – Republica

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D block: Election information –

E block: Robin Meade Intro

E2. PSA - Seat Belts
E3. Robin Meade Interview

F block: Music – Christina Aguilera

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H block: Music – Fleming and John

II. Leandra Preston UCF Interview

JJ. College Press contributor – Penny Groh

KK. Closing Music – Bone Thug

High Speed Internet is recommended for the below radio stream(s):

TCP RADIO:Our first radio show created on The College On these broadcasts, our host Daren Copely hosts on an all interview format. Interviewing big names from Hollywood to New York City, Daren gets the story for our listeners. (show #5 is now up!)

Host Daren Copely

Currently a Senior at UCF in Orlando, Fl, Copely is the Founder of The College At the age of 24 Copely has already built a national news website for journalism students, hosted his own global radio program and interviewed many major names in the national media such as ABC's John Stossel, David Limbaugh and World Net Daily's Joe Farah to name a few. Daren has recently moved to New York where he landed a position with Fox News National's Bill O'reilly.

The College Press-

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The CIA's Operation Stargate

Remote Viewing and Mind Control

By Judyth Piazza

Long before Mrs. Cleo and her psychic friends network sprang onto the American scene there was another group dabbling deep into psychic phenomena.

In the early 1970s the CIA created the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to begin a study of controlled clairvoyance under the direction of Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff.

Under the rubric Project Scanate which stood for scanning by coordinates, thousands of people were recruited, placed in dark rooms, and asked to describe what they saw at given longitudes and latitudes. Edwin May, a former director of Stargate, which was the remote viewing project that was spawn of the cold war as a result of the fear that the Soviet Union might already have established a psychic warfare program, he has gone on record as saying, ?we are exactly correct 50% of the time.?

?Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of early laser technologies, as well as being the co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. He is a co-author of Mind Reach; Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities and The Mind Race as well as Understanding and Using Psychic Abilities. Targ recently retired from Lockheed Martin which is a major defense contractor of the U.S. Government, working as a senior staff scientist, where he developed laser technology for peaceful applications.

Dr. Puthoff is currently the Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas, a position held for more than 10 years. He is considered one of the premier theoretical physicists in the field of vacuum zero point energy and has published several of the most respected papers in the field. A graduate of Stanford University, he has been a research associate and lecturer at the University in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Dr. Puthoff also served for several years as the Director of the Cognitive Sciences Program at SRI International.

As a theoretical and experimental physicist, he has worked in the areas of fundamental electrodynamics, quantum vacuum states, gravitation, cosmology, and high power microelectronics. He has authored more than 30 technical papers and is co-author of the textbook Fundamentals of Quantum Electronics, which is used in numerous Universities around the world. He is also listed in the publications, Who?s Who in Science and Engineering, Whos Who in the World, and is also a Fellow of the Fetzer Institute.

For decades, U.S. Intelligence Agencies as well as Intelligence Services around the world have been engaged in a quest to find Intelligence operatives with abilities reaching far beyond any network of informants or advanced spying technology. An agent with the ability to probe the enemys deepest underground bunkers, to determine the exact location of hostages, or physically incapacitate foreign leaders or entire armies, all from thousands of miles away by using only their minds.

Efforts to determine intelligence applications for psychic abilities have centered around remote viewing, which is a purported clairvoyant ability to spy on distant enemies.

Operation Stargate was first brought to the attention of the American public by ABC TV's night line news program on November 28, 1995. As a result of the program at the request of the U.S. Senate appropriations committee, the CIA was asked to assess the project, which it had inherited from the Pentagon and had an operating budget of somewhere around 25 million dollars a year to determine whether more research would increase its efficiency and practicality.

The assessment concluded that despite its achievements as well as statistically significant results in the laboratory, remote viewing had not provided reliable operational applications in the collection of intelligence data for the purpose of national security.

However, the remarkable success that operation Stargate experienced in the late 1970?s and early 1980?s cannot be overlooked. The early successes were due largely to a group of six psychics known as The Naturals. Joe McMoneagle, a retired army intelligence officer, who claims that he left Stargate in 1984 after receiving a Legion of Merit award for ?providing information on more than 150 targets that had been previously unavailable from other sources.

When asked about this, McMoneagle said, The project deteriorated as the military began letting any old kook into Stargate. Other sources also began deploring the New Age twist given by the influx of spoon-benders and crystal gazers.

Joe McMoneagle is considered to be one of the greatest "naturals. In the early 1970's Joe had a Near Death Experience (NDE), which seems to have given him the ability to achieve telepathic and altered states at will. Joe has stated that a viewer's ability to remote view is dependent upon each individual?s innate talent.

In other words, their achievements in remote viewing are limited by the amount of natural ability they are born with.

McMoneagle said, It's important to withhold belief in any paranormal abilities until they've been fully demonstrated and replicated by science.

Operation Stargate's crowning achievement came when remote viewers were able to describe in an incredible amount of detail the Soviet Unions construction of a secret missile base, which could not be seen, by U2 flyovers and orbiting spy satellites. Remote viewers were able to draw highly accurate sketches of a large crane, which was constructed, on railroad tracks as well as a large metallic domed structure. The drawings were substantiated after U2 spy plane flyovers and integrated human intelligence on the ground.

Operation Stargate was not confined to activities solely at the SRI. At Penn State University Park, PA beginning in 1980 and lasting until 1992 students were subjected to non consensual experimentation, this included being drugged and subjected to verbal psycho stimuli while asleep, target subjects at times recalled indicias of memory where by those who were experimenting on them directly indicated or eluded to working for federal agencies such as the FBI, secret service, CIA, NRO, ATF, and Interpol. These activities were not limited to federal involvement. State and local agencies were also implicated in the participant?s memories.

The backgrounds of these students were eternally manipulated in order to forestall criminal liability on the part of the federal government. Participants say their credit ratings were ruined and their academic records had been abused. Professors you knew suddenly did not know you. Students have also alleged that photos were taken of them and surveillance devices were placed in their apartments and dorms. When contacted by journalists, Penn State refused to comment on the allegations but did not deny them.

The experiences of the participants in the alleged experiments all suffer similar flashbacks as UFO abductees and soldiers from Vietnam that were subjected to mind altering drugs which were intended to decrease a soldiers need for sleep as well as decreasing his fear to fight. This program has sometime been referred to as Jacob's Ladder.

Operation Stargate was officially decommissioned in 1995 under the Clinton administrations defense budget cuts. However, its missions were simply absorbed into the covert operations of allegedly disassociated federal offices and agencies.

Whereas such topics as remote viewing, mind control, and men in black all sound like something out of the X-Files. But let us only look back to the time of Dick Tracy and his wrist communicator and Buck Rogers with his rocket pack. Both of these are current technologies being used by the military as well as publicly operated corporations.

If you personally or anyone you know has been a part of any of the above operations and studies, I would like to hear about it. Please email me at

For more information on Operation Stargate, please check out some of these other great websites: